Fresh Raver Presents: DJ Battle 2023 - THE FINAL BATTLE OF THE YEAR

Friday October 6th - Sonia - 10 Brookline St Cambridge MA.


1st Place gets $1,000 

We will also be looking for talent to join our 2024 DJ Team. Fresh Raver is doing many takeovers at various festivals. The takeovers exclusively include the DJ Team. Being on the team will get you booked and on the lineup at major festivals. If you win the battle, that does not guarantee you a spot on the team. We choose based on many different factors. But this show is the last chance to audition!

Entry Rules:

Bass/Dubstep Music Only.

There are only 20 slots available. First come, first serve.

In order to enter you need to sell a minimum of FIVE (5) tickets to the show. We will provide you with your own ticket link. Once you get 5 sales, you will be given 1 of the 20 slots available. Best time slots go to the ppl that sell the most tickets. Email for a custom ticket link. Give us your DJ name so he can add it to the custom link URL.


Battle Rules:

Round 1 Rules:

Each DJ will be put into a group of five (5). Group A, B, C and D.

Each group will play for 50 mins straight. Each DJ will have exactly 10 minutes to play during their group slot.  We will stop the music between groups to have the crowd vote for a group winner. One (1) winner from EACH group will move on to round two (2).  The winner of each group will be determined by loudest cheers from the crowd.


Round 2 Rules:

4 winners from Round One (1) will move to round two (2).

Each DJ will play for 20 mins. After 80 mins we will stop the music for another crowd vote. One winner will be determined based on loudest cheers.

🎟Public Ticket Link - (Tickets Purchased from this link DO NOT count towards your entry totals. This is the public link.)